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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pharma GABA for High anxiety, insomnia or a difficulty relaxing

You may choose 2 different methods for the body: to heal or to medicate.
As far as healing goes, that requires removing the cause and repairing the damage.
For once the truth about caffeine should be clearly listed.
The methylxanthine family of compounds consists of caffeine, as well as theobromine,
theophylline and paraxanthine.

 Caffeine is the most consumed stimulant in the world, and thus could have far-reaching effects on health. Although the beneficial as well as detrimental effects of caffeine have been long-debated, some well-defined short and long term deleterious effects of this stimulant are clearly evident.
The most common symptoms I see are locked up joints:
(“I woke up and my neck won’t turn despite no trauma”), being prone to musculoskeletal (muscle and joint ) injuries, sleeplessness, anxiety,cardiac symptoms (palpitations etc), adrenal weakness (mid afternoon fatigue, dizziness after standing up etc), hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Symptoms associated with too much caffeine (too much ingested or impaired breakdown of it) include:
  •  headache
  • anxiety (including generalized anxiety disorder), depression,
  • panic attacks
  • tremors
  •  insomnia
  •  nervousness, irritability, muscle twitching,
  • chronic or acute pain
  • and GERD. (2)(7)
  • Both acute and chronic ingestion of caffeine influences mood and cognition. (2)(7)
  • In addition, heavy coffee (>2 cups/day) intake may trigger coronary and arrhythmic events in susceptible individuals. (8)(9)
  •  Finally, it has been shown that excess caffeine consumption (>200 mg/day) during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage. (10)

Because caffeine is metabolized into theobromine, paraxanthine and theophylline, a positive response can be due to over-consumption or hypersensitivity or a compromised detoxification system.   

We have found about 40% our patients exhibit a positive test to at least one of the 4 substances above.  

About 90% of these patients, the test was normalized by the herb phyllanthus fraternus in BodyGuard Supreme , Reishi Supreme, carbonized bamboo in Takesumi , or Basic B Complex .

In many of these cases, avoiding coffee, tea, yerba mate, chocolate, guarana, acai and cola
for 1 month while taking the appropriate remedies normalizes the test and the person can
re-introduce the “foods” in moderation after that.

They may or may not have to stay on the supplementation. A small percentage of people cannot re-introduce methylxanthines from caffiene and need long term avoidance. People that refuse to avoid the foods should take Maintenance doses of the appropriate remedies. 

Once that is done we make sure if the symptoms of High anxiety, insomnia or a difficulty relaxing are aided by making available PharmaGABA 250-NEW in a 250mg cap (before it was only 100mg).
           Doctor's may test it on every one that has high anxiety, insomnia or a difficulty relaxing. It can help in these conditions without sacrificing mental clarity.

 Recommended dose is one or two caps daily. For this type of symptomatic help also try 5-HTP , L-Tryptophan or Adaptocrine™

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