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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The four "Rs" are "Remove," "Replace," "Reinoculate," and "Repair."

"Remove" refers to the removal (elimination) of any gastrointestinal parasites and/or undesirable (pathogenic) bacteria or fungi that may be present and contribute to dysfunction and/or abnormal symptoms. If such pathogens are present, simply replacing nutrients or other necessary digestive factors probably won't overcome the tissue disruption and dysfunction they cause.

Pathogen removal is usually accomplished through the therapeutic use of herbal or pharmaceutical agents, depending on the nature and extent of the problem. Another aspect of the "Remove" portion of the program involves removal from the diet of foods to which an individual is allergic, sensitive, or otherwise intolerant. The foods presented in this guide eliminate the most common food allergens and other food components (e.g. milk proteins, lactose, gluten) to which many people react unfavorably.

"Replace" means the replacement of any digestive factors (e.g. enzymes) your body may not be making, or which it may be making in inadequate amounts.
"Reinoculate" is the reintroduction of "friendly" or desirable gastrointestinal bacteria to benefit your health. This step is accomplished with the use of natural foods containing live cultures of these bacteria and/or concentrated live probiotic supplements.

UltraClear Sustain® contains special ingredients called prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides and inulin), which nutritionally support these desirable bacteria.
"Repair" refers to the nutrients needed for the cellular repair and functioning of the gastrointestinal mucosal cells. Optimal functioning of these cells is necessary for the selective absorption of the molecules (nutrients) that ultimately support both the structure and functioning of all cells of your body. This programme also supports improved gastrointestinal mucosal barrier function.

In summary, the ingredients of UltraClear Sustain® support both the "Repair" and "Reinoculate" processes, while the complimentary diet in this guide supports the "Remove" and "Repair" processes.
Because UltraClear Sustain® is often used in conjunction with other therapeutic agents within the context of a programme, and because gastrointestinal symptoms can vary widely and/or occur quickly following food ingestion, gradual introduction of this product may be advised. For the rare individual who is intolerant of or allergic to one of the ingredients, a small amount of product will likely produce less reaction than a full serving.
For individuals who may experience some increase in intestinal gas and/or bloating (the most common initial side effects of UltraClear Sustain®), these side effects may be minimized or avoided by gradually increasing the amount of product per serving and servings per day up to the full recommended dosage.

Individuals who experience problems with, or intolerance to, a number of foods and/or additives, should begin with a core group of low-allergy foods, such as rice and vegetables, to accompany the product. New or suspected problem foods can be added one at a time, with four or more days between each introduction. This method helps establish connections between cause and effect, leading to identification of "problem" foods. This method follows the principle of a "rotation diet."
At the conclusion of a program using UltraClear Sustain®, a Health Care practitioner may advise discontinuing product use while continuing to build slowly on the basic low-allergen diet, adding back one food at a time, with several days between food reintroductions. In other cases, he or she may advise slowly decreasing use of the product. In still other cases, a Health Care practitioner may recommend continued use of the product on a regular basis, but in a decreased amount (one or 1/2 a serving daily) to support the maintenance of improved function. Your Health Care practitioner will work with you to determine how best to meet your individual needs

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