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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Submitted by Dr. Kari Vernon, Scottsdale, AZ

A 43 year old male presented to my office with a clinical diagnosis of anxiety, headaches, and “benign familial tremors”. He was taking Lisinopril for the last 10 years for high blood pressure and had been taking Coreg experimentally for the tremors for about a month. He had recently developed neck pain and was seeing a PT.

He described his headaches of the previous 2 months as pounding and increasing in frequency and intensity. He had a constant tremor in both hands that worsened with stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.

He was having difficulty sleeping, difficulty turning his mind off, felt like he wasn’t enjoying life, experienced excessive worrying and inner tension and craved sweets. He was a marathon runner and ran about 30-40 miles a week.

He always skipped breakfast and drank a few triple coffee drinks in the morning or used caffeine pills to get going. When the tremors started the first thing he did was stop all caffeine to no avail. It had been 4 months since then and he was getting worse.

He had stopped the Coreg so immediately I put him on NeuroPTX, Neuroflam, and NeuroO2 along with Clearvite and oxicell to reduce inflammation.
Below are possible solutions that support the normal function of the brain and glands for proper hormone balance and brain health.

Neuro PTX
X Viromin and
Brain-E DHA
To reduce inflammation.

He followed a cleanse that included dietary restrictions for 3 weeks while waiting for adrenal and blood tests and HLA-DQ gene testing to come back (from N.S.).

He was already noticing significant improvement when he returned for the results. The headaches went away immediately and the anxiety and tremors were abating. Adrenal testing revealed adrenal fatigue and HPA axis disregulation.

HLA-DQ gene testing revealed one gene for gluten sensitivity and one for celiac.

He had elevated gliadin and transglutaminse antibodies. He also failed the oral GABA challenge.

I added glutenflam to break down grain and dairy proteins, methyl donors to repair the blood brain barrier, and xviromin to support the hypothalamus and immune system.

I kept him on a gluten free, corn free and dairy free diet that included plenty of nuts and seeds for fats.

It has been 12 months since his symptoms began. He continues to faithfully take his supplements at a reduced level now and sticks to his diet. He is completely symptom free and openly shares his story with others to teach them about the brain and diet.

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