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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Magnesium orotate (Nieper orotate – originally called vitamin B-13),

A Letter From a Mentor                                  

I suppose because I’m an old man and had many years of clinical experience with the Nieper (Hans Nieper. M.D.) orotates everyone would know what they are.

Guess not because I received almost 100 e-mails asking me what orotates were and why they were efficacious. What follows is some of the original information from Dr. Nieper as well as information from the peer literature.

Magnesium orotate (Nieper orotate – originally called vitamin B-13), helps to support the heart’s ability to endure and recover from chronic and acute stress through the maintenance of normal glycogen stores, protein synthesis, ATP levels and contractile function.

The U.S. manufactured Nieper magnesium orotate produced by Zorex International is fully reacted, unlike most orotates which are food-grade mixtures of orotic acid with inorganic magnesium salts, which may cause mild liver toxicity.

Magnesium orotate (Nieper from as produced by Zorex International) also acts as a key intermediate in the biosynthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides which is a building block for your DNA code and for RNA.

Dr. Nieper was, in some researcher’s minds, a “space cadet” because of his interest in theoretical physics; in fact his views on gravity and other forms of physics were viewed by many as nonsense. However, his true accomplishments were the outcome of his clinical work. With the help of various colleagues he developed orotic acid as a mineral transporter.

Nieper insisted that with most mineral carriers the carrier becomes trapped in the inner cell membrane and the mineral is not properly released. The orotates; however, pass through both the outer and inner cell membrane into the interior of the cell and only become metabolized once they reach the membranes of structures within the cell, thus leaving the ion in or near these structures and allowing a lower level of the elemental mineral to be used.

While these explanations are soundly plausible, there is no peer literature to support his theories.

However, as stated in the literature that was sent provided earlier on this subject, there is peer reviewed literature supporting the use of his magnesium orotate with recovery from heart attacks, recovery from heart surgery, improved athletic performance, cardiovascular disease and elevated cholesterol.

Nieper also used (as we did when it was previously available) magnesium orotate for atherosclerosis, renal failure from diabetes and/or hypertension, blood clots and although not previously mentioned, M.S.

One last thought on the Nieper magnesium orotate – Ultimately the value of Nieper’s work on mineral transporters does not depend upon whether his theories and explanations were valid, or upon whether his observations were biased, or upon the rulings of the government or the medical cartel.

It depends only upon whether the transporters work when you use them. Many users, past and present, are quite convinced that their lives or health and lives of their patients have been rescued by these supplements and this alone justifies their existence in the healing arts.

Beware of poor substitutes sold at Health food stores and Discount websites which do not sell the correct form.


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