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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Surprise : Immune brain links involve the TMJ

In the opinion of one our favorite Researcher/Clinicians up to 80 % of the Head and Jaw problems are due to an immune imbalance’s feedback into the brain. These are adaptive not primary. In other words, there are a lot of jaw and head problems due to immune stress that do not fully improve with structural care only.

The immune system imbalances are due to Thymus, Spleen and Parotid (saliva gland). Use Cyto Thy , Cytozyme Sp and Parotid TS

High Stress levels will raise the adrenal hormone Cortisol and that will suppress the Thymus, and the Spleen.

When the Immune system is dysfunctional, there will be an impact on the Hypothalamus. This feeds into other mid brain connections causing body problems manifesting in Jaw muscles being imbalanced and other muscle imbalances that may not respond to massage or chiropractic favorably until the immune system is balanced.

The brain connection to the immune system can also cause changes in the pupils of the eyes response to light. The eyes may become more sensitive to light and if you see yourself wearing sunglass’s indoors , it may not just be the cool coming out in you, your Immune system and Adrenals may be fatigued.

Have someone measure the amount of time it takes for the each individual eye to fatigue and if they are not the same ,say 3 seconds on the right and 5 or 6 seconds and the pupil no longer remains constricted and begins to fatigue, there is probably an immune system problem driving the mid brain to be imbalanced.

The immune system can make an emotionally fragile person more susceptible to stress and treating the Thymus may improve a feeling of hopelessness and despair.

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