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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Health 101  Fix your brain first

Health is defined as the optimal function of all the bodies systems.
Those systems are made up of muscles and bones,organs and glands, heart & lungs, nerves and most importantly Optimal Brian Function 

Fix your brain first

ACETYL-CH to support memory

 NeuroFlam-Support to clear brain fog
GABATONE ACTIVE- to support relaxation

NEURO2- to support circulation to brain hands and feet

SEROTONE ACTIVE to support emotions
NEURO-PTX    to support brain cells from rapid destruction from stress 
NEUROAMINO-SP- to support brain function in the case of prescription drug use instead of
any of the above if taking medication for depression as listed at the bottom of the Neurotransmitter form 

To improve your body start with the brain and work down from there

If you suffer from 1 or more of the below you should consider taking action NOW

You have a hard time remembering your appointments

Your temperament getting worse in general

You are losing your attention span endurance

You find yourself down or sad

You fatigue when driving compared to the past

You fatigue when reading compared to the past

You walk into rooms and forget why

Pick up your cell phone and forget why

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