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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did you know about Biotics Research Masterpieces?

Oral forms of Vitamin B12

Featuring  B12-2000  with 2000 mcg of  B12 in each lozenge with folic and the most active form of Vitamin B-6 (P-5-P).

Did you know?

That Biotics Research has a B12-2000 Lozenge that is a B12 (hydroxocobalamin) that doesn't methylate (Binding to) dental mercury amalgams in the mouth? A study shows that hydroxocobalamin is as effective as Methylcobalamin for supplementing Vitamin B12 in a sublingual form.

Oregano and Parasites DONT get along well !

Featuring - ADP  Standardized, emulsified, sustained release form of oregano oil in a tablet!

Did you know?

That Biotics Research has the only human study on Oregano Oil. The clinical trial was conducted using Biotics Research patented, sustained release tablet form of emulsified oil of oregano.  Biotics ADP 

Candida/Yeast Prone?

Featuring BioB 100 - Phosphorylated B complex NOT derived from yeast!

Did you know?

That Biotics Research has a 100% RDA of the B Vitamins as a phosphorylated B-Complex -giving you the B vitamins in the active form, that makes them more readily available and useful.

 Most B vitamins are derived from yeast sources, which can have ill effects in some patients. That’s not the case with our Bio B-100 a Yeast Free B  !

Featuring Porphyra-Zyme 
The KING of Heavy Metal Removers  

A Heavy Metal and Plaque Remover made from spinach and mulberry!

 Did you know?

That Biotics Research has Porphyra-Zyme -  the most cost effective natural oral chelator on the market. It will chelate (bind) up to 13 toxic heavy metals and atherosclerotic plaque!

Verified by finding the increased metals eliminated using stool tests after taking this Heavy Metal Remover  .

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