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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vitamin D and Possible Indications for Support in Children, Infancy , Pregnancy Osteoporosis, Cancer and , C

K-35 Ultra-D Complex  

Vitamin D Bone Metabolism

The link between vitamin D and healthy bone metabolism is well-known. Vitamin D is important for regulation of both calcium and phosphorus absorption and metabolism.47 There is a direct relationship between serum 25-OH vitamin D levels and bone  health in both males and females for all age groups.48

Vitamin D in Pregnancy, Infancy, and Childhood

Associations with vitamin D insufficiency during pregnancy and low birth weight have been published.49Research has also shown that there are increased maternal bone density losses during pregnancy when vitamin D deficiency is present.50 Adequate maternal vitamin D status is important for proper tooth development and metabolism and also reduces the risk of the development of blood sugar issues later in life.51 Inadequate vitamin D intake in infancy can lead to unhealthy bone metabolism and increased risk of fractures.52

Vitamin D and Cancer Risk

Although vitamin D is not a treatment for cancer, there have been studies published on the association of vitamin D with reduced cancer risk. According to a review by Holick, there are currently thoughts that UVB and vitamin D play a positive role in 17 types of cancer.53, 54, 55, 56

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