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Monday, June 24, 2013

Chemicals, Toxins, Heavy Metals, GMO FOODS - Health Mystery TRIGGERS -What's Wrong May Have Been Right Under Your Nose

  Do You Have A Health Mystery ? 

What's Wrong May Have Been Right Under Your Nose 


The combination of chronic exposure to pollutants, toxins, multiple medications, and inflammatory foods, etc.


 With  New Testing Now Available as we will explain below.

When we get any type of reaction and take some over the counter  remedy-Sometimes we just get some symptomatic relief and live with it.  Sometimes we don't ; the cause is not found.

 Many times when we see the doctor we get a name of a condition and sometimes an effective treatment.

For many however, the number of pills and doctors have added up  still no answers or solutions.
UNTIL NOW - Test / Support with Cyrex Labs New Array 11

On June 22 2013 I attended another seminar that connects the dots between the Brain, Hormones and Immune Systems - the very thing that could be behind the reason for so much suffering


When you have "chemical tolerance" your immune system does not react to the toxic environment in your surrounds which include materials like those found in cleaners, car exhaust, paints, plastics, pesticides and body products like sunscreens & cosmetics. Glutathione is what allows Tolerance if available.

 Here are some signs that LOSS OF CHEMICAL TOLERANCE has occurred which than may lead to TILT (Toxic- Induced Loss of Tolerance):
Intolerance to smells
Intolerance to jewelry
Intolerance to shampoo, lotion, detergents, etc.
Multiple smell and chemical sensitivities
Constant skin outbreaks

TILT can go through stages and after INITIATION where natural tolerance breaks down to TRIGGERING where the we see activation of the immune system by even small amounts of chemicals that were previously tolerated.

Once chemical tolerance is lost, it is vital to combine an approach of avoidance and defensive support, otherwise Immune Reactivity can begin to take place due to the Chemical Insult. This is when antibodies can be made against the chemicals or metals that have combined with human protein.

Symptoms only begin when the bodies gets Depletion of Glutathione and its inability to recycle occur.   The causes for Depletion of this important and key antioxidant protector can be from: 
Diet- lacking Sulfur needed for the liver to remove poisons as well as lacking enough veggies and being low in natural antioxidants and high in additional chemicals and preservatives.

Environment- Poor Air, Excessive Radiation fall out and electronic use, Industrial Pollutants and Chemicals.

Lifestyle Habits- Smoking, Drinking, Over training, Over Indulgence and Medications taxing the body.

Health Conditions- Including Inflammatory Conditions- characterized by the signs of pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function.

- Undiagnosed or known Autoimmunity
-According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc., approximately 50 million Americans, 20 percent of the population or one in five people, suffer from autoimmune diseases.100 Women are more likely than men to suffer from these disorder.


Instead of only measuring the quantity of heavy metals we will now have the ability to measure

-Measures actual reactions of the immune system to chemicals
-Identifies if there is a loss of Immune-Chemical tolerance
-ID's chemicals that bind to actual Human Protein 
-Measure a selection of Metals and Chemicals found commonly in our environment.
-ID's Immune reactions to specific chemicals
-ID potential adverse reactions to chelation therapy used for heavy metal removal

In a new test available next week from Cyrexlabs there are 11 common Chemicals and Metals evaluated.

An example of these are found in our foods,pipes, cosmetics, perfumes and tanning agents.
In our upholstery and mattress foams, insulation in our windows and walls.
Chemicals found in cigarette smoke, gasoline, pesticides and glues.
Even plastic bottles containers, the coating on beverage cans and even sales receipts can bind with Human Protein and create potential Immune Reactions.
Other chemicals evaluated for include those found with dry cleaning, carpet and spot removal, Water and Soil Contamination. More metal-Dental Fillings, medical implants, lead pipes and paints,
Shower gels, Shampoos,Skin Moisturizers and food additives.

Once the test results are available doctors can help with Clinical Strategies for Reducing Heavy Metal Reactivity

Removal or limit exposure- Metal cookware, dental fillings with Amalgams, Batteries, Cigarette Filters, Paint, Metal Implants.
(Benzene, Cadmium, Pesticides, PCB's, Radiation, Isocyanates, Parabens, Fire Retardants)

Optimize Immune-Chemical Tolerance with Supplements

Support for the strengthening of the brain lung and intestinal barriers  -          Leaky Gut Repair,  Repairvite,  GI Synergy   Strengtia 

Regulate Immune System (T Cells) - Repair and Clear Program
Decrease the inflammation from the bodies chemical messengers
using a comprehensive program to provide support 

Balance Nitric Oxide to decrease this major cause of autoimmune flare ups with Nitric Balance

 Natural Glutathione Chelators to improve protection from chemicals and  support a safer way to remove metals- Glutathione Recycler,  AC Glutathione,  Glutathione Cream

 Sauna -  Clear Body Clear MIND “One would be hard put to find someone in the present-day civilization who is not affected by this fact. The vast majority of the public is subjected every day to the intake of food preservatives and other chemical poisons including atmospheric poisons, pesticides and the like."

Decrease Brain Inflammation/ Brain Fog and Headaches

Once the test results  from Cyrex Array 11 are available doctors can help with Clinical Strategies for removal of chemicals

Removal or limit exposure-to substance that have shown 
positive Antibodies to the chemical bound to human protein-

Improve the Blood Brain Barrier- Neuroflam, AC Glutathione, Glutathione Recycler, Neuro O2, Nitric Balance found with the Apex products on

Symptoms of loss of Blood Brain Barrier include:

Brain Fog
Migraine Headache

Here is how the signs and symptoms of  LOSS of Chemical Tolerance differ from Poor Liver Detoxification
Poor Liver Function            Loss of Chemical Tolerance
Acne and Unhealthy Skin         Intolerance to smells
Bloating                                   Intolerance to jewelry
Swelling                                   Intolerance to shampoo, lotions,detergents, 
Hormone imbalance                 Multiple food sensitivities
Weight gain                              Contact skin outbreaks
Poor Bladder function

Liver Detox has 3 Phases to Support

  1. Make toxins convert from Fat soluble to water soluble 
  2. Remove toxins with various binders
  3. Remove binders through the bile
Phase 1 -  Clearvite ,  Metacrine DX ,  Bile Min or Hepato Synergy, Glutathione Recycler
Phase 2- Clearvite SF or PSF,  Hepato Synergy ,   Glutathione Recycler  Methyl SP

 Support for Chemical Tolerance

Glutathione- Oxicell,  Glutathione Recycler, AC Glutathione
Support Intestines-  Repair and Clear
Support reduction of NF-kB-   Repair and Clear Program
Support Regulatory T cells and Immune Tolerance- Ultra D, Tumero and Resvero ActiveNitric Balance

Chelation Warning  Before pulling Heavy Metals from the

brain and tissues into the bloodstream- Find out if there
is already an immune response and if you have TILT you are already over reacting and can do permanent damage chelating.

Heavy metals are also toxins and while we all have some in our system, when you react to these with an immune response of antibodies against them, it means you have lost the ability to tolerate some of what has gotten inside your body.

 Chelation should be done with caution 
only after it is chemicals and metal antibodies are cleared- Cyrex  Array #11  comparing before and after tests  to show NO ANTIBODIES- TILT Normalized and immune tolerance improved: OR blood tests show that there has be an Acute Exposure and the metals show up in the blood , not just after taking a pill or injection and then doing a urine test. 

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