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Monday, September 2, 2013

Primary and Secondary Causes of Low Cholesterol

Low Cholesterol Can Create Damage 

The cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor Is Tied to Liver, Kidney Injury, as Well as Muscle Damage

  • Low cholesterol below 150 is less than optimal  and is caused primarily by an inherited condition.  Ask your mom or dad or check with brothers and sisters and find out if it runs in the family, then it is most likely less dangerous and maybe normal for the individual involved. It can be secondarily caused by a conditon known as  hypolipidemia, which is marked by extremely low cholesterol, hyperthyroidism, which besides using drugs to control over-activity,  is an autoimmune condition of the thyroid gland which should be treated with a 3 step plan , and liver disease. 

Addictions and Deficiencies Can Cause Low Cholesterol

  • Malnutrition, chronic infections, depression, anxiety, stroke and birth defects are all causes of low cholesterol. Manganese deficiency, any condition that suppresses the appetite, such as cancers of the digestive tract or stomach, lung diseases, or liver disease can all create low cholesterol due to the lowered food intake.The body cannot survive without cholesterol, so when it is too low the entire body suffers from the deficiency. Addictions to alcohol, nicotine in cigarettes or drugs can radically lower cholesterol levels as can undiagnosed cancers and emotional disorders. A deficiency in Manganese also causes  as mentioned above can be the source of  low cholesterol (hypocholesterolemia) .  Also When the digestive tract is functioning insufficiently, and is not absorbing nutrients properly, the result is usually low cholesterol.

  • When these cholesterol-lowering conditions come into play, many different problems can result, including diseases of the brain and neural system and the breaking down of the cellular structures of every part of the body, including the internal organs. When cells are damaged cancers can result. Cancer is a cause of low cholesterol in the first place, but low cholesterol damage in the cells can go on to create more cancerous tumors. The immune system becomes damaged due to the lowered cholesterol levels, which causes many more harmful conditions to develop.

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