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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Headaches - Causes and Tips

Quit using Pain Killers and Suffering Headaches 

headache relief natural

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Headaches: The following information concerning headaches is predicated on the assumption that dietary changes have been initiated (removal of refined carbohydrates, fast-acting sugars, caffeine containing foods, hydrogenated fats and oils). You can see the solution may be related to the diet as well as the possibility of food sensitivity.

low blood sugar causing headacheOnce this has been ruled out by 1 week or more of no common foods that trigger headaches (Oranges, Red Meat, Dairy, Wheat, Corn, etc.); possible structural problems (Cranial, TMJ, Spine, etc.) have been ruled out and glycemic problems (low blood sugar- feels worse if meals are delayed and better after eating, and or Insulin resistance- Craves sugar and caffeine/feels sleepy after eating, etc.) have been ruled out.
Headache with period

If the headaches occur just before, during or after menses, rule out anterior pituitary/hypothalamus dysfunction. 
Consider:  Cytozyme-PT/HPT,  Thyrostim and Flax Seed Oil Capsules. 

Note: This is especially true if the headaches began around the time of puberty.

  If digestive distress (nausea) causes the headache, rule out gallbladder/liver dysfunction and low Hydrochloric acid production from the stomach. 

Livotrit Consider: Hydrozyme or Betaine Plus HP, for the stomach,  Beta-TCP  for the gallbladder, MCS ,  MCS-2 or Livotrit-Plus.

Migraine headache
If the headaches have been determined to be true migraine headaches and structural/dietary problems are not locus to the headaches, rule out both a magnesium and choline deficiency. 

Consider: MG-Zyme (at bedtime to bowel tolerance) and Phosphatidylcholine.

morning headacheIf the headaches occur primarily in the morning and wear off as the day goes on, rule out thyroid hypofunction or thyroid hypofunction secondary to anterior pituitary hypofunction. 

Consider: GTA and Meda-Stim or  Thyrostim  and Cytozyme-PT/HPT
 Use Flax Seed Oil in either cases.

If the patient has signs of vascular fragility  (spider veins, hemorrhoids, broken blood vessels on the chest, face or breasts)         Microscopic leakage of blood into the cerebral spinal fluid is one of the probable causes for the headaches. 

Consider: Bio-C Plus and Bio-Cyanidins (Pycnogenol)  Note: Vascular fragility (easily bruised)is often secondary to portal congestion( visible veins on your skin seen on your abdominal area)   If portal congestion is present, consider: Beta-TCP  for the gallbladder together with MCS , (we now mostly use the new formula) MCS-2 or Livotrit-Plus (if virus is suspected affecting the liver).

headache when readingIf the headaches occur after reading for a prolonged period of time, rule out the need for glasses or a need to change the prescription if the patient wears glasses.  A zinc, riboflavin, bioflavonoid and vitamin A deficiency, is also possible. 

Consider: Eye formula, Bio-Cyanidins (Pycnogenol) and Bilberry Herb.

If the headaches occur with just a moderate amount of physiological or psychological stress, rule out adrenal dysfunction. 

Using the diagnos tech saliva complete an adrenal stress index- 
loss of circadian rhythm

 (not a blood test) to measure Adrenal hormone levels of Cortisol in the morning and throughout the day. Make sure there is a normal rhythm and higher Cortisol in the morning than later on.
weak under active adrenal glands

Raglands Also check the laying down and then standing Blood Pressure and see if there is a rise of 5-10 points (normal) or a drop( low adrenal function) or a rise of more than 20 points (hyperactive Adrenal function).

Also test and check the person's eyes to determine if the pupils remain dilated when a light is shined into their eyes or fail to hold a constriction for more than 3  seconds. 
constricted pupils

If the patient is wearing sun glasses when they enter an indoor space and puts them back on before leaving your office, Tired and worn down or out adrenal function is probable. 
Biotics over active Adrenal Glands

If the patient is found to have adrenal hypofunction, consider: Cytozyme-AD and Bio-Glycozyme Forte.  If the patient is found to have adrenal hyperfunction, consider: ADHS and GlucoBalance

Note: With overactive adrenal function 

  •  increased production of the thyroid hormone Reverse T-3 is common, along with anterior pituitary hypofunction.  
If present, consider: Meda-Stim and Cytozyme-PT/HPT 

Note: With adrenal dysfunction: 
  •  if the headache patient has low blood pressure, adrenal hypofunction is probable. 
  • If the headache patient has normal or increased blood pressure, adrenal cortical hyperfunction is probable.

If the headaches occur just over the eyes (especially the right eye), rule out a gallbladder problem.  Consider: Beta-TCP  for the gallbladder, MCS ,  MCS-2 or Livotrit-Plus.

If the person with the headaches as band-type headaches (feels as if they have a band around their head), rule out pituitary dysfunction and a need for niacinamide (Vitamin B-3).
Consider:  Cytozyme-PT/HPT  and Bio GGG-B
If the headaches occur at night or when the patient misses a meal, rule out hypoglycemia with adrenal cortical hypofunction.  Consider: Bio-Glycozyme Forte and Cytozyme-AD

Note: If adrenal support does not resolve the problem, suspect pancreatic hypofunction.  Consider: Cytozyme-PAN.

If the headaches occur after eating refined carbohydrates or fast-acting sugars  (Junk food , sweets,alcohol, etc.)  the headache is probably due to hypoglycemia; however, the reaction to sugar generally indicates the pituitary as the target gland with adrenal, thyroid, etc., dysfunction secondary to the pituitary.  Consider: Cytozyme-PT/HPT and Bio-Glycozyme Forte.
 If the headaches occur after eating wheat (gluten) or dairy containing foods  the headache is probably due to gluten sensitivity or a dairy sensitivity/cross reaction with gluten receptors in the immune system for the intestines. 

Use the Cyrex labs Array #3 and 4 to find the cause.

Consider: Gluten Flam  
and using a dairy and gluten free diet for 3 weeks and reintroducing gluten three days in a row and seeing if there is a reaction. Then Dairy 3 days in a row. If a reaction happens with either, stop the challenge and consider repairing the Leaky Gut with our program with the highest success rate.

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