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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sirtuins and Anti-Aging

Sirtuin Products developed by Mark Houston, MD

Sirtuins and Anti-Aging

The sirtuin genes (known as SIRT 1 through SIRT 80 are located in the cell nucleus. They possess a component of the apparatus that functions in repairing double stranded DNA breaks that occur as we age. This apparatus also plays an important role in controlling the length of the telomere, which in turn protects the ends of the chromosome from destruction. Because of this role, the sirtuins are considered regulators of the cellular defense systems and thus play a role in longevity.

In conjunction with Dr. Mark Houston, Associate Clinical professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt Medical School, and director of the Hypertension Institute and Vascular Biology in Nashville, TN, Biotics Research Corporation has developed a line of products which function in activating the sirtuin genes.

These products include:
• VasculoSirt
• ResveraSirt HP
• EFA-Sirt Supreme
• LipidSirt

The aforementioned products contain key sirtuin activating compounds (STACs).

Together these products have a positive impact on the sirtuin genes. The potential of utilizing STACs for the treatment of many diseases offers promising alternatives to toxic drugs, while also increasing life expectancy.

To place an order, receive more specific information and/or patient education materials on VasculoSirt, ResveraSirt-HP, EFA-Sirt Supreme and LipidSirt reply via email or call me us at (866) 511- VITS.

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