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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Breakthroughs for Depression

Start to Improve your Depression and Mood with Proven Scientific Solutions. We balance 5 areas for maximum effectiveness.

We now know that research shows depression is not a disease but a condition.

In addition to lifestyle considerations of a good diet, exercise, etc. – a number of nutrients and herbs can provide support for depression and stress .

The 5 vital components of correcting depression are:

1 Stabilize energy with a full spectrum of herbs
2 Use Nutrition to Normalize Cortisol
3 Anti Anxiety HERBS
4 Balance NeuroTranmitters with Amino Acids that produce them
5 Provide Necessary Nutrient Cofactors

Here are the Supplements found at

1 Adaptocrine, Lu Rong
2 Adena Calm, Brain E DHA, Body Guard
3 De Stress, Glutamine Powder, GABATONE if not on RX Meds
4 Deproloft, Neuro Trans , Tyrosine

Supporting the hormones with  the above nutrients and herbs  balance the ups and downs. These  nutrients  are researched  throughly and are the ones that fight stress at the brain and body levels,  Combinations of vitamins and other nutrients above aid relaxation and are  for sleep and to reduce anxiety, balancing the brains happy chemicals with pure amino acids and the necessary nutrients to feel better quickly. Do not take yourself off and Meds without supervision of the prescribing or other qualified doctor. To get a program to be weaned off Rx meds, please email

 Above are the Worlds Purest Supplements in the Most Bio- Active Form actually Filling in the missing gaps to improve balance and healthy function.

 These supplements are clinically tested to have a wide range of benefits and support of the neurotransmitters and hormonal functions of the brain and body.

Our formulas are shown to clinically exert a mood enhancing effect equal or greater than the

Leading antidepressants while also observed to enhance sleep and increase energy.

Uniquely formulated to contain botanicals that have been shown in clinical trials to enhance mood.   The active forms of vitamin and minerals are essential factors to create the happy brain chemicals serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.

You will feel relieved and relaxed.

With a complete array of cutting edge science the ingredients benefit the brain and body in from many angles.  From protecting the brain cells from the damaging of toxic chemicals ( R- Lipoic Acid From Thorne Research) to the ability to efficiently penetrate the environment of the nerve cells (with a special derivative of Vitamin B-1 ).

Health 101- Fix your brain first – Since all the Neurotransmitters that affect   emotional function require complete nutrient intake, we covered all the bases so as to 1st  improve effectiveness of all other possible actions.






If symptoms are not elivated within 1 week also add


Glutathione recycler

Sesame oil for insulin control.

The below can be used to assist the effectiveness of the above if needed

1. B Complex #1

2. Ashwaganda OR ADAPTOCRINE

3. LuRong Supreme

4. Vit D

5. Super EPA

6. Glucobalance

7. Adrenal Calm

8. Takusumi

Methyl donor and Molybdenum for homocysteine

Tyrosine on awakening - they should total at least 1000 mg/ day of tyrosine- not with food.

The Body Guard is so protective on many levels that they should do at least one to two daily besides mediclear

if they will do saunas too- Takesumi should be used 1-2 scoops daily to minimize side effects of the stuff coming out and of re-absorption


Before weaning off to Rx under M.D. Supervision- To help with nutritional balance and aid in liver detoxification:

1. MediClear 1 scoop a day Mixed with one scoop of

2. L-Glutamine Powder

3. B Complex #1 

4. Ashwaganda Supreme 1 in morning 1 at night OR ADAPTOCRINE 

Very Gradual WEAN* under MD supervision and the following Supplements

After 3 full reductions at the 2% reduction rate you can increase the taper to a 5% percent reduction of the medication every fourteen days.

Remain on MediClear 1 scoop 1-2 x a day, B- Complex #1 and Ashwaganda Supreme

Can add any or all of the below to assist balancing the body and elimination of the root causes of depression

5. 1 LuRong Supreme at Lunch
6. 1 scoop of effervescent Cal/Mg after dinner 
7.  5 MTFR 2-2X / day
8. Vit D 
9. Super EPA 
10. Deproloft
11. OXI CELL  
12. Tyrosine
13. Body Guard
14. Glucobalance 
15. Adrenal Calm 
16. NeuroTrans 
17. Takusumi

Health is defined as the optimal function of all the bodies systems.
Those systems are made up of muscles and bones, organs and glands, heart & lungs, nerves and most importantly Optimal Brian Function

Our Active ingredients are in a form that does not require any additional steps for conversion unlike most vitamins ours are already set for working together to improve the effect of each other and to enhance the conversion into  The Key mood  chemicals of the brain :

The below are additional supplements clincally proven to be effective.

Well Proven Ingredients like - An extract that has been very widely researched and used for centuries for its Hypericum  - St. John’s Wortpositive effects on mental well being are included.

DL-Phenylalanine – Amino acids make many of our vital messengers in the brain and have been shown to support healthy mental focus as well as being reported to enhance our bodies feel good substances called endorphins and enkephalins.

Significant research suggests that specific nutrients support healthy nerve and hormones because they are essential for normal function, provide the direct help that goes right into the nerves.  (Neurochondria).

Bacopa has been found to provide benefit for anxiety and enhance mental focus on in stressful situations. Although it provides a relaxing affect, unlike synthetic sedatives that often dull the mind, Bacopa actually improves mental clarity and mood. In an animal study it increased the thyroid hormone levels by 41 % suggesting it stimulates the metabolism as well.

Supplying the immediate nutrients that convert into more neurotransmitters. We have included the active form of vitamin B-6 to enhance the amount of serotonin and other vital brain messengers

Giving enhanced production of Serotonin and other Neurotransmitters resulting in a mood-lightening effect.

 5 – HTP  stimulate the brain for improved mental focus, relaxation and stress reduction- ideal for managing anxiety, nervousness, and feelings of being overwhelmed.

You will receive many various highly effective and pure combinations of the most effective ingredients

http://www.myvits,com/ has the highest possible quality and bioavailability in dietary supplements.

Scientifically Tested combined from purest ingredients found to be effective in Mood, Sleep and Energy.

Highly available  nutritonal substances your body requires to function better.

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