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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Physical Causes of depression- Find the causes of the condition with the NTAF test

 The stumbling block of treating depression is looking for a cause. There are many possible causes, these differ person to person. There can be many causes that can accumulate as well into depression as a condition.

There is however a way to group most common causes and a program that can address the full list will produce greater results than any one theory alone.
 Find the and fix the CauseS not cause !

How to Accuratly Measure Neurotransmitters

Using a method of blocking the various NeuroTransmitters and then measuring the symptoms of various types from these changes in the brain, an accurate picture was made of which deficiency was present.

We are now using the Neurotransmitter Assessments at NTA link.  Take the test and your areas that need supported will be emailed to you.

There are many symptoms of  low Neurotransmitters from Depression to Poor Memory. Now it is possible to  take a simple written test and measure which NTs should be supported in a nutritonal manner. From there another test can be taken and compared to any earlier test showing the efficacy of the support.

This is a way to test yourself.  Science is an understanding of phenomena. Using the before and after  NTA any changes can be seen. 

The test can be done to see the actual changes in your mood as well as brain function from support given. It can also be used to adjust the doses or to investigate further need of changes in nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, environment, thyroid therapy, etc.

Then once improvement or lack of it has been noted by comparison of tests. If giving the indicated support does not result in a postive change then other Major Causes of Depression can  be invistigated to find which exist simultaneously and may need to be fully fixed to handle the depression.

 Food allergies, Heavy metals, Low blood sugar, Low thyroid

Nutritional deficiencies, Pre-existing physical conditions, Cancer, chronic inflammation,

chronic pain, Diabetes. Heart disease, Liver , Lung disease, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis,

PMS. RX DRUGS-Antihistamines , High Blood Pressure Meds, anti inflammatory agents,

Birth control pills- ( always use Apex Energetics Methyl SP, Estrovite, Sublingual Progesterone)

Corticosteroids, Tranquilizers and sedatives, SLEEP DISTURBANCE, STRESS/ Low Adrenal Function.

Overview of Problem

About 17 Million Americans suffer from true clinical depression each year, over 28 Million Americans take antidepresant drugs or anxiety medications.

The theory held by neurobiologists today regarding depression is basically  having to little activity of the neurotransmitter serotonin and norepinephrine (norAdrenalin). THIS IS TO SIMPLIFIED TO WORK AS IT IS NOT THE CAUSE AT ALL.

But looking for the one or more causes like low thyroid and directly measuring them with a blood test that includes the vital Autoimmune TPO Antibody test or by testing for Adrenal Exhaustion with an ASI (Adrenal Stress Index) and  seeing changes in how you are feeling by doing before and after tests with the Neurotransmitter Assessment Form here NTAF is most benefical.

These tests can be repeated over and over to see the real objective changes and the NTAF measures the changes in how you actually feel across many aspects of different types of feelings associated with the 4 Major Neurotransmitters.Since the making of most neurotransmitters is controlled within the brain, it makes sense that a lack of one or more of the needed substances to make these communication chemicals would influence how much can be produced. It just does not work out to be true.

This made researchers conclude the use of substances to produce the 2 above NTs could possibly treat depression. Treating is one thing, finding and correcting the cause is better in the long run.
In the 1970's and 1980's researchers found that the more foods eaten with the building blocks of certain NTs the higher amount found in the brain. Researchers also studied how  these substances that created serotonin,  L- tryptophan and 5- HTP   and the ones that made norepinephrine - Tyrosine and Phenylalanine  could be used to treat depression.

This interest came about due to the short comings and side effects of the antidepressants being used. It was hoped that using these primary substances to make the NTs that a more tolerable method would be available for safely treating depression.
 What was found is that by taking L tryptophan the amount of serotonin could be doubled in the brain. It turned out however , just because the brain had more it did not always release more. Some studies showed more would be released and others less. There is a question that still remains unanswered--does increasing NTs  release even cause more nerve stimulation in the long run. The answer is sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.
There are checks and balances and the more of a substance made often results in less effect it has. The body just adjusts to the increase. This is why many treated with depression get a result for a short period and then a diminished result.

There was also a problem with the time lag once started an antidepressant. Specifically the ones which block the reuptake of the NT once released. These are called SSRI for selective reuptake inhibitors that work as transporter blockers and leave the NT in action longer.
They may work within hours but still take weeks before they create any antidepressant effect. This alone shows that there is more to the finding and correction of depression than
increasing Neurotransmitters or altering their expression alone. Life style changes, diet, exercise and
following one's purposes to accomplish ones goals are many other vital aspects that need to be incorporated to be successful at overcoming depression for good.

Current research shows :
  1. That there are other mechanisms at play. Ones that involve the NT Dopamine, others investigating the effect on proteins called neuropeptides which are Chains of amino acids which can function as NTs. They include endophins and enkephalins- the body's feel good compounds.
  2. Still others that may be the reason for the antidepressant effects taking longer are neuro-hormones made by the nervous system, chemicals called second messengers which send a message to the genes 
  3.  Other theories about the effects on the gene expression as a method of treating depression and how antidepressants work.

 Since there are so many possible ways, one may conclude that it is best treated in a through manner not haphazard. 

Seeing a doctor that can truly find the right mechanism is the primary goal I am emphasizing.

 Doing more than just taking more than a handful of vitamins or drugs is a more optimal solution.

Doing the NTAF can save you time and money. There are a lot of other solutions being promoted but none that are more reliable and cost effective than before and after tests that truely measure how you feel !

The biggest waste of time and money  is with the Urine tests for NT's !

Urine tests for checking the Neurotransmitters is incorrect. There is a Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) that does not allow the NT's in the brain and spinal cord to cross over and be excreted in the urine. The  body makes its own seperate NTs, 99% of the serotonin is made in the gut for example, that is all that can be measured in the urine, even though so many doctor's have been improperly trained to think otherwise.

Measuring NT's in the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) is also inaccurate as different parts of the brain have different concentrations of CSF. 

Many drugs and herbs have their effects in other ways and do not rely on increasing the NT's but instead work on the ways the NTs are recycled, released and other mechanisms without increase of the NTs themselves.

*Some current researchers warn us not to use L Tyrosine in a stress response as it may cause further complications as it may fire up the Adrenal glands excessively.

How to Accuratly Measure Neurotransmitters

 Using a method of blocking the various NTs and then mesuring the symtoms in the brain and now using the Neurotransmitter Assessments at NTA is a way to test yourself before and after any changes in nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, change of envioronment, thyroid therapy, etc are done to see the changes and to adjust the doses, etc. once improvement or lack of it has been noted by comparison of tests.

Below are the main causes to rule out and ways I have found to be successful from my real world clinical experience and through research.
Physical Causes of depression:

Increased adrenal hormones- cortisol- requires: diet , exercise and life style changes

Depression is often first and only sign of low thyroid disease

Low levels of NTs (Neurotransmitters which are the brains chemical messengers from nerve to nerve) like Serotonin contribute to depression-  This is a" monoamine hypothesis"  which stresses biochemical imbalance of  monoamines ( A group of organic, nitrogen-containing compounds like serotonin, epinephrine and norepinephrine).

Chemical imbalance is one theory about the cause of depression. Other causes that are debated include psychological and social causes.

Counseling is especially valuable when there is an obvious emotional incident linked to and preceding the depression. The book, Science of Survival details the emotional levels including the treatment and cause of grief and apathy in depth. We cover the most likely physical causes below.
 While the dominant medical model of depression is chemical, there is however much value to using  3 therapeutic processes found in the book above: Education- as found here, Changing the environment including nutrition , counseling and the lifestyle changes
as well as Dianetic counseling.

Furthermore it's important to rule out all Simple factors know to  contribute to depression, these are:

Too much or too little of certain nutrients- needs proper appraisal and not mixing programs

DRUG- effects from Rx, or illegal requires weaning off and abstinence

Caffeine , alcohol, nicotine - requires building system up before removing

Low blood sugar - requires diet , exercise and life style changes

Hormonal imbalance - 4 basic causes (blood sugar, adrenal , toxic, infected, low on essential oils.

Allergy, environmental- (air and water filters,) fungal and bacterial overgrowth.

The solution is giving a  complete program which guides the individual back to emotional and physical well being.

 The greatest success has been achieved with the below:

Correct the underlying organic (chemical) cause or physiological (altered function) causes should be the primary therapy - not covering up the symptoms . This is the way to successfully handle the depression without relying on drugs.

Eliminate dependence and use of caffeine and sugar-  Use Body Guard Supreme remove the chemicals of caffeine and those it breaks down into which create many symptoms like stiff neck and joints in the morning.

Exercise - increased physical activity is the key of  improving depression and is very  beneficial
Sports and exercise of ones choosing can greatly lessen depression, anxiety and other types of emotional stress. Use the Book , In Fitness and in Health available at

Handling low blood sugar - this can  often help fix the cause as it is a primary reason for depression.

Handling low thyroid is another primary concern. Use the book from Dr. K  and  When Hashimoto’s is misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder: A patient’s story

Finding if you have any single nutrient missing  which is being able to create altered brain function: leads to
 depression , anxiety  and other emotional instabilities.  The key components are all in the formulas we use in the previous Blog to handle these. Deproloft which contains the active form of Folic Acid the 40% of Americans can't make   and is required to make many NT's


a synergistic blend of botanicals and nutrient cofactors to enhance mood*
  • enhances mood*
  • a valuable addition to any stress management plan*
  • nutrients and botanicals for neurotransmitter support*
  • non-habit forming
This product is on the Restricted Thorne Products list: To Purchase this product please provide with the current, name and address of your current health care provider to keep on file. You can purchase restricted Thorne Research Vitamins when your account is approved, usually within 1 business day.

One of the ingredients in Deproloft above is 5-MTHF-  - the most biologically active form of the B-vitamin Folic acid.

5-MTHF works in concert with vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) in the conversion of homocysteine to methionine, which provides methyl groups (simply carbon with hydrogen) for numerous other biochemical reactions in the body.

High Levels of homocysteine have been implicated in depression as well as heart disease and Alzheimer's disease. 5 MTHFR helps lower this.

Because of this, folate supplementation supports cardiovascular health, nervous system function, normal cellular proliferation and gingival (gum) health. Folate supplementation during pregnancy has been shown to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

Research has shown a percentage of individuals do not efficiently convert folic acid from the diet or supplements to active 5-MTHF, due to genetic enzyme deficiencies. Research suggests 5-MTHF is a more efficient form of supplementation than inactive folic acid in these and all other individuals.

 Getting too little sun -Low vitamin D - we have the best form to raise it safely and quickly.

Low EFA- Omega 3 oils in low supply has been directly linked to depression- we include the clean metal ( mercury free) highest Quality.

5-HTP is better tolerated , just as effective and fewer and milder side effects

Extract of St. Johns Wort produces equal to superior benefits as drugs

  Chemical - ORGANIC  and PHYSIOLOGICAL causes of Depression from

Other Major Causes

Food allergies
Heavy metals
Low blood sugar
Low thyroid
Nutritional deficiencies
Preexisting physical conditions
Chronic inflammation chronic pain
Heart disease
Liver , lung disease
MS, rheumatoid arthritis
RX DRUGS-antihistamines , high Blood Pressure Meds, anti inflammatory agents
Birth control pills-  Take Apex Energetics Methyl SP, Estrovite, Sublingual Progesterone
Corticosteroids Tranquilizers and sedatives
STRESS/ Low Adrenal. Function

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