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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vitamin D and the Immune System


Vitamin D and the Immune System

Autoimmune diseases are now classified as T-Helper 1 or T-Helper 2. The immune system uses both of these to catch what enters in that needs to be handled.

 There are two parts to your immune system, TH1 and TH2.  IF one of these parts  is dominant, you could have an autoimmune disorder.  

These are the two types of  defensive measures that have huge impact when out of balance,   Ultra-D Complex  will assist to balance out the system when one that is dominant.

 Th1 called, " cell-mediated" and Th 2 is  the , "humoral immune system" either can be off and  become overactive. The balance of TH-1/TH-2 cells appears to be strongly influenced by regulatory T-cells. Vitamin D appears to have some influence on the activity of regulatory T-cells and the balance of TH-1/TH-2 cells.24, 25, 26, 27

An autoimmune disorder is where your immune system is  attacking your body causing an autoimmune condition.  

The first part, called our "T"-Helper 1 System (TH-1 
System), is our immediate immune response system.  It is responsible for an immediate attack against foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, or parasites. 

The cells involved in the TH-1 system are called 
macrophages, natural killer cells, and cytotoxic T- Cell.

 It is our front-line defense.

The other part of our immune system is our T-Helper 2 (TH-2) system. It involves the production of antibodies to  "tag" onto invaders so our TH-1 system can more easily destroy the invaders. It is our B cells that are responsible for producing the antibodies.

The balance between these two sides of our immune system is very important to look at with many auto immune patients. 

IF one of these parts is dominant, you could have an  autoimmune disorder.  

The Regulatory T Cells need and requirte Vitamin D to keep a balance .
  K-35 Ultra-D Complex 

An autoimmune disorder is where your immune system is attacking your body and it could be causing your thyroid problems.  You are just about guaranteed to fail using  medications alone. WHY?  90% of the time the primary  mechanism is your immune system attacking your thyroid, which is also known as an autoimmune attack. Medications alone do nothing to slow or stop the autoimmune attack.  

Since the autoimmune mechanism is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States, you would think that it is commonly screened for
by ALL doctors.  Unfortunately, it is rarely, if ever,

The reason?  Doctors are too hung up on 
treating thyroid problems with medications.  
Why run extra tests if you are not going to alter the treatment based off the test results? 


K-35 Ultra-D Complex 

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