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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reishi Supreme™

New Product

Reishi Supreme™ (866-551-VITS)

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) has been used in the Far East for approximately 4,000 years. In China, it is called Ling Zhi (mushroom of immortality). Historically, it has been used as a longevity herb to treat kidney disorders, liver disorders, bronchitis, asthma, gastric ulcers, fatigue, insomnia, heart disease, cancer, and dizziness, as well as to prevent altitude sickness. The bioactivity is due to the polysaccharides (over 100 types including beta-glucan), triterpines, proteins, sterols, minerals (including germanium) and fatty acids.

Our research from Dr Lebowitz who investigates and tests all products to find the best one said, He " would test it on everyone- patients with dysbiosis, allergies and chemical sensitivities, liver, cardiac and kidney disorders, immune deficiency as it can block positive tests for various microbes, chemicals, organ reflexes, caffeine (and all the other methylxanthines), etc. Dose is between 3-6 caps daily depending on the severity of the condition. It works well in combination with all the other Supreme Nutrition products and as a stand alone too if none of the other products are indicated."

There have been many studies on ganoderma showing it to be antimicrobial (specifically antibacterial against H.pylori and certain species of klebsiella) , and antiviral, including anti-HIV. Our clinical tests have also found it useful at times for fungal and parasitic issues. Reishi also exhibits the following properties: chemoprotective, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anti-oxidative. Like Morinda, BodyGuard, Endo, Melia, and LuRong, the clinical applications are very broad and we test it on every patient as it has the potential to be health restorative for many.

Its' antitumor effects have been studied extensively both as a single standing product and in combination with other herbs and chemotherapy agents. It also lessens the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Other trials show it to activate T-cells and certain cytokines, especially IL-2, as well as macrophages. Reishi can also act as a mast cell stabilizer, leading to an inhibition of histamine release. It has been effective in lowering elevated cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure.

Not only is Reishi not contraindicated in patients with fungal issues, but it can help them get over it. It also helps minimize the toxic effects of methylxanthine ingestion (caffeine, theobromine in coffee, tea, chocolate, etc) and should be given to those that consume moderate to large amounts of these substances.
The only potential side effect we know of is that it can have an additive effect involving the inhibition of platelet aggregation for people already on blood thinning medications so they may need less of the medication (or not take the reishi).

When Supreme Nutrition Products started about 3 years ago, they envisioned being a small company with a few very high quality products.They intended the products to be somewhat broad spectrum in their therapeutic effects and be products that from a kinesiological standpoint could help a majority of people.

Today they are introducing the 11th product- Reishi Supreme.

Reishi, just like LuRong, was a surprise. Over the years, They have read much material on the effects of therapeutic mushrooms on people, but once again they were never able to find a mushroom product (tincture, capsule, tablet, etc.) that strengthened on the majority of people tested. In the case of these previous mushroom products, it was only a small minority of patients that tested well on any given product. One of the practitioners who works with Supreme Nutrition is an experienced herbalist. He sends me samples of what he considers herbs with excellent clinical applications from very pure sources. It was his discovery of some very high quality mushroom products that more than met my expectations with blind AK testing that has led to this product. They think you will find too, that it performs excellently, and like most of our products, has a wide range of applications.

Especially recommended is reading the book REISHI MUSHROOM by Terry Willard PhD for more information.

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