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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stop Suffering!

These Apex Energetics nutritional complexes support normal function of the Brain, Immune System and Hormones. They are designed to remove a multitude of common complaints. They are a healthy choice and do not block or inhibit, but work with your body naturally. For treating conditions, consult with your doctor for the appropriate drug intervention or care. For nutritional support to reinforce the natural healing ability of your body, try these healthful combinations that we have found successful.

To find out what's really going on with you and your body, take our free tests -
The Metabolic Assessment Form,
Neurotransmitter Assessment Form and the Blood Test Evaluation Form.

We have a long list below including hormone support solutions

Scroll down and get relief today!

Introducing Cholesterol Support™ supplements

Support for Cholesterol Levels. For treating conditions, consult with your doctor for the appropriate drug intervention or care. For nutritional support to reinforce the natural healing ability of your body, try these healthful combinations that we have found successful.

Supplements to use during an increase of cholesterol (above 200):

Supplements to use during a decrease of cholesterol (below 150):

Note: Cholesterol below 150 will not allow your body to produce testosterone,
estrogen and other sex hormones. Drug therapy lowering cholesterol below 150
should be pursued with caution. Drug therapy to lower cholesterol using Statin
drugs like Lipotor™ or any red rice yeast products require supplemental
CoEnzyme Q10™ support. Other cautions with Lipotor™ use are:Liver Damage, Elevated Liver Enzymes, Muscle Aches and Pains throughout the body, Headaches, Infections, Diarrhea, Joint Pain and Sinusitis.

For more information, take a look at Cholesterol Definition

Introducing Acid Reflux Handler ™supplements

Those below 60 years of age should never have stomach problems. Stomach acid
problems below age 60 are usually the result of some abnormal metabolism. The
cause should always be identified. Common causes include, low blood sugar,
Zinc need, B Vitamin need, stomach inflammation due to food intolerances or intestinal infections, H. Pylori Infections, and low Thyroid function.

For treating conditions, consult with your doctor for the appropriate drug intervention or care.

Note: Nexium is often prescribed for acid reflux. Nexium can have the
following (side) effects: High blood pressure (hypertension), Fibromyalgia,
Acne, Depression, Ear infection, Pancreatitis, etc.

Introducing Anxiety Support™ supplements

Support for Stress and Anxiety.

Most emotional imbalances have a physical as well as mental/spiritual
component. Do our free Neurotransmitter assessment form to discover general indications for brain support, stress
support, pleasure support and neurotransmitter support to find the right
combination of "chill pills" for you!

Reduce Stress Response:


Reduce Food Triggers:

Stabilize Blood Sugar:

EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Support:

Introducing Carbo Handler ™ supplements

Energy Support for those people who experience a crash in energy level after a meal and/or crave coffee or sweets after a meal.

Introducing Sleep Reset ™ supplements

Support for Normal Sleep/Awake Rhythm: these supplements aid those who are tired in the morning and wired at night?

Introducing Afternoon Booster™ supplements

Support for afternoon fatigue/energy crash. Take these supplements at 10 AM and 3 PM for long lasting energy.

Introducing Male Saver ™ supplements

Support for Symptoms of Low Testosterone such
as: lack of muscle tone, no morning erections, increase belly fat, and low sex drive.

Introducing Metab Support™ supplements

Support for the Thyroid, aids in normal energy

* Take our free test. If you have a lot of symptoms in categories X and XI or if the above does not help,
have your doctor check you for TPO antibodies. If the check comes out positive,
use the following:

For symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, palpitions, insomnia, or adverse
reactions with iodine, have your doctor do our test and use the above vitamins.

Introducing Male Thunder ™ supplements

Note: Any man that has non-responding low testosterone (elevated LH),
testosterone antibodies should be checked.

Support for Testosterone Balance due to the
conversion of testosterone to estrogen that occurs in bodies with high glucose,
cholesterol and triglycerides.

Note: Before a man
considers testosterone therapy, he must make sure he does not have over
conversion of testosterone into estrogen (imbalanced aromatase activity) and
over conversion of testosterone into DHT (5-alpha reductase activity) or low
progesterone due to adrenal stress or low cholesterol (See
detailed description

Vital Information:

The 5 Priorities to stimulate and normalize Hormone Balance

  1. Balance out your Adrenal glands* and Blood Sugar (Proglyco SP, Adaptocrine™, Adrenastim™, Super EFA Complex).

  2. Fix digestion/remove unwanted germs/foods sensitivities (Clearvite SF, H-PLR,
    Hydro-Zyme, Lactozyme).

  3. Balance out Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism (Super EFA Complex ,Omega Co3).

  4. Enhance Detoxification Capacities (Metacrin-DX,BileMin)

  5. Correct any anemia by getting a blood test with Ferritin, TIBC, Transferrin and
    Iron Saturation.

Introducing EstroMetab™ supplements

Support for those with excess estrogen and symptoms of
breast pain
(when not due to disease).
1st Check the level of breast pain
and judge it based on pain with pressure on a scale 1-10.

Take 2 of each of the below and retest in 1 hour for diminished pain with
pressure to the breast tissue.

Introducing Fresh Start ™ supplements.

Support for women coming off birth control.

Don't come off birth control without help. This combination stimulates
detox after coming off birth control pills to clear out synthetic estrogens and
progestins. Make a true fresh start.

Suggestion: If you are off the pill and your cycle has not returned, use
BCP Balancer™ Supplements to support the brain and glands with restarting your
cycle and regaining hormonal balance. (If this does not work after 90 days, the
cycle will not be restarted with nutrition).

Introducing BCP Balancer™ Supplements

Support for Female Hormone Balance once off "the
pill". This mix is set up to regain your hormone balance and help you restart
your cycle.

Introducing Male Balancer™ supplements

Support for Synthetic Testosterone Detox.

Many times Testosterone cream can create trouble. This mix supports detox to clear out synthetic testosterone and allows the pituitary gland in the brain to properly stimulate healthy sexual organ performance.

Introducing Female Balancer

Support for Low Estrogen due to low FSH
(Follicle Stimulating Hormone) from the brain (Pituitary) requires support.

Introducing Female Balance

Support for Low Progesterone due to low
stimulating hormones (LH) from the brain (Pituitary Gland) must be supported to
stimulate the release of Progesterone from the ovaries.

Helpful Suggestions:

In men and women, suppressed LH release is created by stress (which also
causes an increase in Cortisol). Stress can cause a decrease of testosterone in
men or progesterone in women due to low LH.

Adrenal Calm™ cream can stimulate the body and support the brain to help lower Cortisol, which aids in dealing with stress and poor memory. The body can deal with acute stress for a certain length of time but has no way to deal with chronic stress without support.

Help for Morning Sickness:

My first choice for morning sickness is always the chromium found on MyVits from Biotics(CR-Zymeat 3 tablets twice a day). If this does not work in 3 days
or less than try Super Phosphozyme Liquid at 20 drops twice a day and with pregnancy you need to add calcium (CA/MG Zyme at 6 tablets in the a.m. on an empty stomach).

One or the other of these two should work in 90 percent of the case, but if they fail then my last choice is ginger root which can be purchased at a health food store.

A lot of moms swear that ginger helps alleviate the nausea that comes with pregnancy. Eat anything with ginger in it, such as ginger cookies, hard ginger candy or crystallized ginger. Drinking ginger tea is also great, calming your
stomach naturally. Just break a piece of fresh ginger root, grate and put in hot water. There are also ginger capsules sold in many stores. Check with your doctor first to make sure taking these supplements is okay for you

Key Principles

  • Chronic Stress is very common. When a man or women experience symptoms of
    Chronic stress, it is wise to identify and remove: low blood sugar and insulin
    resistance, food sensitivities, allergies, infection, insufficient sleep, etc.
  • Both Men and Women can use Adaptocrine™, Adrenal Calm™ for support. Herbs can help support stress additionally to stimulate impacts on the pituitary:

Use Opticrine to help symptoms in last 2 weeks before menses.

  • In women, insulin stimulates testosterone production-Support with Glysen™.
  • If person demonstrates low hormone symptoms but testing shows high hormone
    levels, excess hormones can be cleared by support and stimulation of liver using
    Metacrin-DX,BileMinfor 30-90 days. NOTE- When you get hormones lowering symptoms will temporarily worse for 2 -4 weeks until the body makes more receptor sites.

  • Receptor overload above expresses symptoms of insufficiency.

  • In men Testosterone protects the heart and estrogen does not.

  • In women Estrogen (estradiol) protects the heart. Testosterone does not.

  • Saliva testing measures free hormones like Cortisol, Estrogen and free
    Testosterone which are active and blood test measures the bound hormone
    (inactive), unless test says free.

  • People do not have mental illness, they have evil purposes being acted out or
    just acting odd because of suppression from an antisocial personality which is
    obvious because they feel better than worse. This will be the underlying cause
    of illness, mistakes, accidents and upsets.

  • In men insulin stimulates Testosterone to convert to Estrogen- Support with

** An enzyme called aromatase functions by converting testosterone into
estrogen. This occurs normally in peripheral tissue, especially in body fat.
Aromatase overactivity is very common, especially in men. As a matter of fact,
it is the most common cause of andropause. Andropause refers to a physiological
state in which the production of androgen dominant hormones such as testosterone
decline. Functional andropause takes place when the ratios between testosterone
and other hormones shift. The most common cause of functional andropause occurs
when there is a difference in the ratio between serum levels of testosterone and
estrogen. For example, a normal serum testosterone to estrogen ratio may be
50:1. Some men with andropause appear to have an 8:1 ratio. These men may have
normal lab ranges of testosterone, but their state of estrogen dominance is
expressing a low testosterone state. This is usually due to overactive aromatase
function which creates a metabolic shift that metabolizes testosterone into

When an individual has overactivity of aromatase they will have an abnormal
testosterone to estrogen ratio and express signs and symptoms of low androgens
such as loss of libido, inability to maintain erections, loss of muscle mass,
increase in body fat, sweating attacks, depression, high blood sugar and
insulin, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Many times these patients'
abnormal metabolism is missed because only a bioassay of testosterone is

*** Cholesterol Definition: Cholesterol is an essential component of cell membrane development and bile, adrenal and sex hormone production. It is found throughout the body, especially in the blood, brain, liver, kidneys and
insulation of the nervous system. Two thirds of cholesterol is made in the body.
The other third that you get from food is essential because it contains all the
nutrients needed to metabolize the cholesterol that is made in the body - so eat
those egg yolks!
Cholesterol is vital in most body functions, from intestinal wall maintenance, to heart health, to dealing with stress. The cause of heart disease is not animal fats and cholesterol, but rather the consumption of vegetable oils, hydrogenated fats, refined carbohydrates, etc. So, paying attention to what you eat and consuming proper fats are your best bet for living a healthy
life.Link to Hearth Breakthroughs and to

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